Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"What Were You Thinking??" Wednesday

I know it's supposed to be a "Wonderful Wednesday"; I promise I'll do a "Terrific Thursday" tomorrow.

However, something happened with Big Guy recently that just screamed "post".

I was tidying up the family room yesterday when Big Guy walked into the kitchen. He turned around to get something out of the cupboard, when I noticed a bald patch on the back of his head roughly the size of a quarter. We have cats, so immediately I thought of ringworm.

"What happened to your hair?" I exclaimed as I walked over to examine the patch more closely. Big Guy's hand shot up to cover the spot, and he turned around to face me.

"You mean it's noticeable?" he asked with a puzzled expression.

Um, was VERY noticeable as the hair was absent all the way to the scalp. As Big Guy didn't seem surprised that something was up with his hair, I asked him what he had done.

He explained that he had discovered a "rough patch" in is hair two days before. Big Guy tried scrubbing it out with shampoo without luck. The next morning he felt like the patch had grown bigger and again tried shampooing it out, to no avail. Concerned, he decided he'd better do something about his hair right away - so he cut it off.

All the way to the scalp.

And, he'd attended his college classes all day with his bald patch.

Luckily, Big Guy was able to go to the cosmetology school and get it fixed; he is now sporting a very nice-looking crew cut.

This experience showcases the stumbling blocks Big Guy sometimes has with decision making. He can grow so fixated on one aspect of a problem that it is difficult for him to see the big picture, which predisposes him acts on his impulses. Big Guy also has a hard time with organizational skills, which makes it tough for him to think things through in a logical, workable order. While this incident left me shaking my head and was somewhat on the humorous side, it worries me about what might happen if Big Guy makes a poor decision at work that puts his job on the line. Or even worse, if he makes a terrible mistake while driving and puts a life on the line.

Not everything can be fixed with a new haircut.

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The Andra Family said...

Were you able to sneak a picture? I'd love to see it. (giggle, giggle)