Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wondrous Words of Wednesday

If you're wondering about the title, I thought I'd spice things up with some alliteration. And are you impressed that I'm posting my "Wonderful Wednesday" news on an actual Wednesday this time?

Big Guy is gearing up for an overnight visit from a special friend from our former hometown. Big Guy is quite a homebody and seldom invites people over, so when he does it is something to celebrate. This individual is the oldest and closest friend Big Guy has; they first met each other in kindergarten. It was devastating to my son when we had to move away from this person. Circumstances have since brought us to within an hour's distance from our old community, which allows Big Guy to visit with this friend from time to time. They both happen to have Thursdays off of school, which will give them plenty of time to spend time together.

I was able to pull some strings concerning Little Guy's upcoming qualification meetings for the district preschool. My biggest concern has been giving Little Guy time to transition between the two programs while we still have our original team of teachers and therapists to help. The individuals I spoke with at the district school have been very understanding and willing to listen to my concerns while accommodating my desire for an earlier testing date. Little Guy is scheduled for testing on the 24th and 28th of this month. This is such a relief to me, as I believe this will set Little Guy up for a successful transition to a new staff and surroundings.

I hope that all who are reading this post will have their own things to celebrate today!

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