Wednesday, September 2, 2009's Wednesday!

Wow, it's Wednesday!

Time to celebrate what my Aspie boys have accomplished this week.

As stated in my last post, Little Guy has been subjected to several hours of encouragement (not to mention many cups of juice) and enticing rewards in an effort to begin potty training. I wish my news was that he is totally there, but it's become apparent this is going to be a very slow and gradual process - which is the norm for him when he transitions to new ideas. The bright side is that we have had two "successes" each of the past three days, which I feel is a great place to be at this point.

Big Guy was given more hours at work this week, and received a nice compliment from a manager. He was told that he was twice as fast at the "prep" work than the other employees. Big Guy had mixed feelings about this; prep work is the least favorite component of his job and he doesn't want to be stuck doing it all the time, but he's grateful that this skill will provide him greater job security. Big Guy is still doing well with his college classes and has organized his schedule admirably thus far.

I hope it stays that way :)

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