Friday, October 2, 2009

Fabulous Friday

I hope everyone is having a fabulous fall Friday!

Once again, it's time to share good news about my Aspie boys. I'm keeping it brief, as our family is headed out of town today to support Sis in an important competition.

Big Guy did something very encouraging on the social front; he went on another date. He and another student in his Geology struck up a conversation after class that was just too interesting to complete in a short time, so Big Guy suggested they continue talking over lunch. Apparently, they continued to have a great time while eating; when my son came home, he was pretty proud of himself :)

As for Little Guy, I was worried after Monday's meltdowns that his disregulated behavior would continue into the week. Thankfully, things have been much better on the home front! I'm still waiting to hear back from the preschool concerning qualification.

Here's hoping the rest of the weekend proves "fabulous"!

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