Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Catching Up

I feel like I have a lot of catching up to do, and not just on my blogs. My graduating class had their 20th reunion this past weekend, and guess who was in charge of it?

You guessed it - ME.

I am finally feeling somewhat recovered and ready to re-enter the world again :)

As a result of being busy most of the weekend, we've seen some regression in Little Guy's behavior. I am trying to be extra patient and attentive with him while our schedule evens out again.

And the potty training?

Literally a no go. We'll try it again next month.

Big Guy continues to do well on the academic front. However, he said something to my mother-in-law recently that illustrates how clueless he is about what it will take for him to live on his own.

The conversation went something like this:

Grandma: How's college going, Big Guy?

Big Guy: Fine.

Grandma: Do you like living at home?

Big Guy: Yes, but my parents are making me do some things to help me prepare to live on my own. It's pretty tough.

Grandma: Oh? What is it they are having you do?

Big Guy: First of all, I have to pay them lots of rent.

(Author's note: Big Guy is paying a grand total of $50 in rent per month, starting this month)

Big Guy: And I have to do all of my own laundry.

(Author's note: Hasn't happened before this week)

Big Guy: And since my mom told me I couldn't eat lunch at home anymore, I have to buy lunch at the college and it is really expensive.

(Author's note: What??!! I told Big Guy that on the days he has classes from 9-2 [only twice a week], he might want to eat at the school to save time. Somehow, this has translated as me telling him he couldn't eat lunch at home anymore.)

Grandma: Hmmm.

Big Guy: I thought it would be easy living at home.

(Author's note: Someone has a big dose of reality headed their way in the future...)

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