Monday, November 30, 2009

Transition Story

I've talked before about social stories and how they can be a useful tool in helping kids with autism spectrum disorders cope with new situations. This is the story I crafted for Little Guy as we prepared for his transition to the preschool. I kept it very simple and direct, using familiar routines he could build on and relate his new experiences to. I've left a few of the pictures out due to privacy issues.

*Little Guy's Preschool Transition Story*

On Fridays, I like to go to play group. Sometimes, I play with trucks or slide down the slide. I see my friends at play group, and my teachers Miss C., Miss L., and Mr. T are there too. We eat yummy snacks at play group. It is very fun.

When I turn three, I will not go to play group any more. Instead, I will go to a special preschool:

When we walk in, there are chairs for people to sit on:

This is my new classroom:The teacher sits on the red chair, and the children sit on the green chairs for circle time.

This is my new teacher (pic deleted). Her name is Miss L.

After circle time, we sit and do work in a cubby:
Sometimes, we play in the hallway:

And even spend some time outside on the playground:

There is even a place where I can go potty:

I will make some new friends at my new school. I will also get to eat yummy snacks in my new classroom.

When it is time to go to school, Mommy cannot go with me. I will ride a big, yellow bus to my school. After a little while, it will be time to go home, where Mommy will be waiting for me.

I can't wait to go to my new school; it sounds like so much fun!

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