Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wednesday's News

This has been a big week for us.

There have been many plans put into place for Little Guy's upcoming transition to preschool. We have already met with a friend in the classroom, spent a little time observing a class, and have a "social story" put together. So far, Little Guy seems to be handling the idea of a new school pretty well. He is also making some GRADUAL steps towards becoming potty trained; we have worked up to wearing underwear a couple of hours a day now with few accidents. I think I'll wait until we have the big change with schools behind us before taking things to the next level.

Big Guy had a good time with his geology class during their trip to Death Valley. However, when he came home, he informed us that he wants to move out. Talk about a bombshell! His father and I aren't enthusiastic about this idea; we don't believe Big Guy is ready for this step yet. Our plan is to sit down with him in the next day or so and write out just exactly what kind of finances it will take to make this work. I'm thinking that Big Guy can't afford it right now....but maybe I'll be the one who's surprised.

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