Monday, November 2, 2009

Transition Plan

This picture is of Little Guy and Daddy watching Sis compete in one of her three swimming meets last week. We took Little Guy with us all three days; he held out pretty well until Saturday, when he'd finally had enough. I can't say that I blame him - I was pretty tired of at that point, too! We finally resorted to ice cream to keep him happy:

I met with Little Guy's new preschool teacher on Friday, along with Little Guy's current occupational therapist. Together, we put together a transition that I think will work very well.

Some of our plans include:

1. Having me compile a social story for Little Guy. I'm in the process of doing so right now; it should be ready by tomorrow.

2. Letting Little Guy see and explore the classroom when it's empty.

3. Building a relationship with his new teacher.

4. Holding a few of his appointments with current staff members in the new classroom instead of our home or the old program's site.

5. Meeting and playing with a friend in the new classroom.

6. Letting Little Guy observe a class for a while.

7. Having me observe a class WITHOUT Little Guy.

We begin our plan tomorrow by meeting in the classroom with a neighbor whose child recently began attending the preschool. I believe these steps will help Little Guy's transition to the preschool program be a smoother one, and I'm anxious to begin the process.

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