Tuesday, November 24, 2009

With Flying Colors

I recently returned from a three day trip to a nearby state. My husband and I drove Sis to a regional swim meet and decided to leave the younger boys behind with my mother. I was extremely worried about Little Guy and how he would handle my absence, especially after the behavior we'd seen during the summer when I was gone quite a bit during a theater production.

Little Guy actually did GREAT while I was away; the only problem my mother faced while caring for him was feeding issues. She told me that the only things Little Guy would eat at her house were: Gogurt, apple juice, oatmeal cookies, and chips. I thought that we'd probably see some delayed reactions at home from Little Guy since we returned, but he's been surprisingly easygoing. The only behavior I've seen is some increased anxiety when I had to leave home today for an appointment, but I think this reaction is normal for his age.

The transition to preschool has also gone remarkably well. His teacher says that Little Guy is happy, focused, and cooperative for most of the class. This is exciting news, as our goal is to move Little Guy from a completely structured, self-contained environment to a more "normal" classroom where he can practice his social skills.

So, my little one has passed through these situations with flying colors. It is such a relief to see him feeling more confident and calm; it will be so nice when I can go places with Little Guy and not worry about when the meltdown will make its unwelcome appearance!

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