Sunday, November 15, 2009


As I mentioned in my last post, things unexpectedly worked out for Little Guy to begin preschool last Thursday.Little Guy waiting for the bus

I received two phone updates during the class time from his new teacher with good news in each call; Little Guy had a fantastic bus ride, and was extremely cooperative for his teachers during class. It looks like the hours we spent on transition with him really paid off on his first day of school.

On Friday, Little Guy attended his toddler sensory group for the last time. This was a bittersweet moment for me; while I really appreciate the strides my son has made in his development and am glad he's prepared to move on, I feel saddened to leave this great program. I've come to regard the staff members as good friends, and have really enjoyed the camaraderie I've felt with other parents. It's not that this new program won't be as effective. It will just provide support in a different way, focusing on the educational aspects of helping my child rather than stressing the relationships between Little Guy and our family.

Although I tried to prepare Little Guy for his last day of group, I don't believe he understood the finality of the situation. Even though I told Little Guy he wouldn't be seeing his friends (many are going to different schools upon graduation) and teachers anymore, at the end of class he still called out, "See you later, everyone!" I have to admit I grew a little misty eyed, and noticed some of the staff members were also emotional.

But that's life. People enter new stages and situations change; this is what provides experiences which help one to grow and prevents things from becoming stagnant.

Although it's time to say goodbye, I'll never forget the friendships I've forged and the lessons learned from the wonderful program we're leaving. I plan to carry on their mission by taking what I've learned and passing it on to others.

So that they, too, might feel prepared when it's their turn to move forward.

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