Friday, November 6, 2009

Where's the Water?

Part of having Asperger's is the difficulty of understanding abstract thinking. These individuals can be very concrete thinkers and tend to take things quite literally.

Little Guy provided a great example of literal thinking during a recent sensory group.

He and I were playing with a safari set with a teacher standing nearby, observing our interaction. In an attempt to engage Little Guy, I took turns pretending to be the different animals and trying to insert them into his "story". At one point, I grabbed the hippo and said, "Hi, I'm Mr. Hippo and I'm thirsty. Could you show me where the water is?"

Little Guy looked around briefly then turned back to the set, bent over, and deposited a huge glob of spit between two of the plastic rocks. With a huge smile of accomplishment on his face, he said, "There you go, Mr. Hippo."

I heard a snort nearby, and saw the teacher frantically trying to hold in her laughter at Little Guy's unexpected solution.

Next time, I will be very careful about asking my son to find Mr. Hippo some water!

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