Friday, October 30, 2009

Making It Brief

This post, that is. Sis has just started her fall swimming season with three meets scheduled this week. Talk about "diving" right in :)

Big Guy left with his geology class today for a three day trip to Death Valley. He has shown a greater desire to be organized, and began a written schedule of his days all on his own. This is wonderful, although Big Guy needs to careful to allow some flexibility in case something unforeseen happens like getting called into work.

Little Guy has had a great week overall. He seems more relaxed at home, leading to a desire to be playful and more affectionate. Little Guy attended a swim meet with us yesterday, and handled the noise and crowd fairly well. In order to help him stay regulated I made sure he had a nap beforehand, brought plenty of snacks, and took him on frequent walks. We are attending another meet later today; I hope Little Guy tolerates this one well!

I have a transition meeting set up today with Little Guy's new teacher, myself, and his current occupational therapist. I'll let you know what we decide.

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