Friday, October 23, 2009

And the Verdict Is.....

We received word today that Little Guy qualified for the district preschool.


In order to qualify, a child must show one of the following: a) mild delays in three areas b) moderate delays in two areas, or c) severe delays in one area. Little Guy actually showed severe delays in two areas: adaptive (self-help) and social/emotional.

However, some things I've learned about the program concern me. The protocol this school uses is ABA based; Little Guy is used to the "Floortime" approach. What will be the best way to help him transition between these two programs? Also, the school uses the same program for every child, regardless of their disability. This means my son will have the same curriculum as someone with Down's Syndrome or cerebral palsy. Each of these disabilities are quite different from another; is the school prepared and willing to make the necessary adjustments for Little Guy's strengths and weaknesses? There are certain things which help my child stay regulated and cooperative such as counting to five when preparing to transition to a new activity. Will the teacher incorporate this simple action in her classroom? There are also three levels the children can be placed in; level one is basically one-on-one isolation, whereas level three is in a more regular classroom setting with several peers. My understanding is they like to place new students in level one to begin with, but would this really be the best level for Little Guy as we are trying to get him to interact with larger groups of children?

Although I'm happy with today's news, I've been left with many questions. I look forward to meeting with Little Guy's new teacher next week to discuss what the future holds as we prepare for this big transition.

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