Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wednesday on Thursday

I'm such a slacker.

I totally blew off my "Wonderful Wednesday" report; so today, you'll be getting Wednesday on Thursday.

Anybody confused yet?

My wonderful news of the week has to do with the behavior of both of our "Aspie" boys during our recent mini vacation.

This is Big Guy hungrily checking out a chocolate fountain during our recent trip to Las Vegas.

Our kids had Monday off of school, so we decided to plan an overnight trip to Vegas. First of all, Big Guy chose to come with us. Yeah!! Now that he's 18, he doesn't often elect to go on family outings. And not only did Big Guy come with us, but he actually participated in the family activities. Double yeah!! Big Guy tends to be somewhat reclusive; even while at home, he is often tucked away in his room reading books or playing video games. Although the books and Nintendo DS came along on the trip, Big Guy was very good about only using them while we were driving in the car. It was so much fun to have him join us; we really enjoyed Big Guy's quirky sense of humor that he applies to many situations.

Little Guy also weathered the trip well - something that does not happen on a regular basis when we travel. He did have his moments, but was able to stay fairly regulated most of the time. I was a little concerned with how Little Guy would handle our visit to an indoor adventure park, but luckily there were no crowds and our toddler actually enjoyed the rides instead of becoming overwhelmed. This was a big step for him!

Tomorrow is our eligibility meeting; I'll post later in the day with a report on how things went.

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