Monday, October 26, 2009

"Driving" Me Crazy

Kids with Asperger's Syndrome can be sticklers when it comes to rules.

Game playing must be done with the strictest adherence to the guidelines.....or WATCH OUT.

Driving can the same way - even if the Asperger child is not the one behind the wheel.

I'd heard of cases where AS kids constantly peer over their parents' shoulders as they drive, checking that the car's speed doesn't exceed the speed limit. We never experienced this with Big Guy, as he was always off in his own little world (reading, playing Game Boy) while in the car. However, we are already starting to see an obsessive pattern emerging with Little Guy.

Little Guy knows where all of the stop signs are in our neighborhood, and this past week he has begun to warn me 1/2 block in advance to slow down and prepare to stop. This behavior has begun to translate to traffic lights, as well.

For example, just yesterday Little Guy had this to say as I pulled up to a stoplight, "Mama, the light is red now, so we can't go. We have to wait for it to turn green."

It's cute right now, but I have a feeling it could grow annoying very quickly!

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