Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Searching for Wonderful

Today's "Wonderful Wednesday" has been difficult for me. We've had a trying week with our Aspie boys, and I've really had to dig deep and get creative to find the positive things I'd like to post about them.

Little Guy's disposition is definitely a happier one since we've returned home, although he is having a hard time if I'm not here. He continues to show some interest in using the toilet but only on his terms. Little Guy also tried a new food at his class yesterday - french toast sticks. He ended up eating three servings!

As for Big Guy........he continues to stay on top of his class schedule and homework, although he's gotten some very poor scores on a few of his assignments due to not listening to and following through with the teacher's instructions. We have also managed to avoid any further haircut issues with Big Guy (see last Wednesday's post for details) :)

I know these events are not earth shattering......but it's the best I could do with a bad week. I'm hoping the coming days will be much better!

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