Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's Wednesday Again!

Since I totally skipped last week - no "Wonderful Wednesday", "Terrific Thursday", or even "Fantastic Friday" - I decided I'd better post two accomplishments about each of my Aspie boys.

Even as I write this, Big Guy is watching the new Harry Potter movie with a bunch of members from the debate team. Big Guy is such a homebody, that it's definitely cause for celebration when he decides to be social, especially in such a large group setting. The second piece of news I'd like to share about Big Guy happened only yesterday. I was extremely busy around the house, and Little Guy was overdue for a diaper change (I believe the diaper was almost to his knees - yikes!). Big Guy noticed this, and without being asked, went ahead and changed Little Guy's diaper. Big Guy is often off in his own world, and seldom recognizes ways he can help around the house - this was a really big deal. I greatly appreciated this gesture, and I made sure to give Big Guy a special thanks.

Little Guy did extremely well with the occupational therapist during yesterday's home visit . We worked with his eating skills, the goal being to help Little Guy learn to eat a wider variety of food (other than junk food, I can count between two hands the foods I know he will eat). The therapist tried to get Little Guy to eat speghettios. Although Little Guy didn't put the food in his mouth, the therapist said he showed a "textbook" means of moving through the necessary stages of tolerating a new food. First, Little Guy allowed the bowl to be scooted nearer to him. Next, he looked at the "circles" in the bowl. A short while later, he used his spoon to move the food from his bowl onto the table in front of him. After a little coaxing, Little Guy actually began touching some of the pasta with his fingertip, then ended the session by using his entire hand like a "bulldozer" to push the speghettios back into the bowl. Who knew eating could be such a complicated process? Tomorrow, I am going to offer some speghettios again to Little Guy with the hope of having him manipulate the food nearer to his face. Who knows, maybe we'll get really lucky and he'll actually EAT some :)

Another great thing concerning Little Guy happened just today. I had taken the Middle and Little Guys to a nearby creek to cool off. Little Guy and myself were just hanging out on the shore watching Middle Guy, when Little Guy suddenly turned to me and said without prompting, "I love you, Momma."

I love you too, Little Guy.

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