Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hooray for Wednesday

I can't believe how quickly Wednesdays seem to roll around.

And Tuesdays, and Sundays, and's amazing how time zips by as I grow older.

But, I'm straying off the subject; Wednesdays are the days I get to exert my "bragging rights" about my oldest and youngest child.

Drum roll, please.

BIG GUY totally threw me for a loop when he announced that he was going in for a haircut. Some of you might have remembered an earlier post about Big Guy's unwillingness to cut his hair, let alone spend money for it. For him to schedule his own appointment and pay for it himself was a HUGE step. The only thing that had me worried was that he told me the hairstyle was going to be a big "surprise". I wondered if he was going to come home with a mohawk or something, but this is what I saw when he proudly walked through the door this morning:
A totally acceptable buzz cut.

I managed to hide my sigh of relief.

LITTLE GUY seems to be adjusting to the new summer schedule and is having fewer meltdowns. His big accomplishment of the week is an added increase to his vocabulary. Little Guy has been using impressive words like "fantastic" and "delicious" in context, and even pointed out a "geyser" when he saw a high-spraying fountain at a splash pad! I'm still wondering where he picked up that word.

Here's hoping that you can also celebrate a wonderful Wednesday - or Thursday, as I'm posting this rather late at night :)

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The Andra Family said...

Love "big guys" haircut. Can't wait to see it in person.