Saturday, August 22, 2009

Here We Go

College classes begin Monday morning for Big Guy.

I have to admit, I'm feeling nervous.

This is a big step for Big Guy. It's big step for anyone, moving from a world where parents and teachers are calling the shots to suddenly being expected to do everything on your own.

Will he have the discipline to attend classes when attendance is not mandatory? Does he have the necessary organizational skills to complete his assignments and hand them in on time? Will he be able to prioritize his hours to allow time for studying?

Time will tell, I guess.

We do have a bit of an advantage though; my husband is an employee at the institution where Big Guy is attending, and his staff position allows him to interface regularly with the professors. We will be able to keep tabs on Big Guy's progress, although we plan to intervene as little as possible if problems do occur.

Because it's time for Big Guy to stretch his wings......
even if I'm the one who's not ready for it.

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