Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Break From the Storm

For my "wonderful" Wednesday report, I'd like to share something positive that happened yesterday which concerns both of my Aspie sons.

School begins very soon in our area, so I thought I'd take the kids on one last "hurrah". As it was very hot, I decided that hanging out at a nearby lake would be an appropriate way to spend the afternoon.

Big Guy is somewhat of a loner. He also doesn't like to spend much time in the water, so I wasn't sure if he'd agree to come along. To my surprise, he did! It was so wonderful to have him with us, as he often elects to stay home for our family outings.

As far as Little Guy is concerned, he was GREAT. He tolerated wearing the life jacket without complaint, and did not have one single meltdown the entire time we were there! The kids and I floated around on the rafts, skipped rocks on the water, and went hunting for crawdads. It was perfect.

Well, almost perfect. The only thing that would have made it better is if my husband could have joined us. As he was busy at work supporting our family and enabling me to be a SAHM, I guess I'll forgive him this time :)

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