Monday, August 24, 2009

Comfort Behavior

When any of us have a bad day, we turn to something that helps us feel better.

Perhaps it's chocolate. Or a big bowl of ice cream.

A long walk in nature does wonders for me. That, or a hot bubble bath.

For Little Guy, it is sorting items and lining them up. For some reason, this helps bring a measure of security and control to him when he is experiencing disregulation due to anxiety and frustration.

This is actually a common behavior in kids with autism spectrum disorders, but one we hadn't seen on a daily basis with Little Guy until this last, extended round of disregulated behavior. Here are just a few examples of what we've seen lately around the house:

Notice how all coins are facing downwards:

Here, Little Guy has grouped these figures into those who are wearing hats and those who are "hatless":

Game pieces:

Vehicles are Little Guy's preferred objects to line up:

There were at least 30 cards in this line; it took Little Guy quite some time to line them up:

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