Thursday, June 18, 2009

Social Stories

Tomorrow's the BIG day.

Or should I say big "date".

You might be wondering why Big Guy doesn't date more often. After all, he is a very attractive young man. And to show that I'm not being biased as his mother, I have proof:Just check out those gorgeous eyes!

It's not Big Guy's looks that holds him back when it comes to dating; it is his inability to read social cues. There have been many times where I've been with him in a public place and girls are flirting with him left and right. When I try to point it out to Big Guy, his inevitable answer is "Really - I didn't notice."


This lack of social awareness has also proved disastrous for a couple of his dates; one in particular stands out in my mind.

About a year ago, Big Guy asked a certain girl out at school by passing her a note in a book. I know - a little geeky, but she said "yes" anyway. Neither one had their driver's license, so Big Guy suggested they meet at the movie theater.

Okay so far.

However, things spiraled downhill quickly from there. Upon questioning Big Guy afterwards, I learned that he didn't offer to buy her ticket, failed to ask her if she wanted any snacks, barged through the theater door in front of her while letting the door slam nearly in her face, and left the theater before her ride had come to pick her up.

Not the best way to impress a girl.

So to prevent something like that from happening again, we've tried to come up with a "social story" for him to use this time around. Social stories are a little like scripts; they outline social scenarios for autistic spectrum persons and give them a chance to come up with a strategy or plan to use ahead of time. Big Guy has enlisted Sis to help him, and she's been a big help.

I'm feeling more optimistic about things this time around....but I'll be crossing my fingers for Big Guy tomorrow, just in case :)

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Marie said...

*sigh* I hear ya Big Guy. I'm an Aspie too, and boy those humans are hard creatures to figure out!! That said, I dated an NT who did all those things. Not slamming a door in my face but making me pay for my own ticket, coffee and meals. So maybe it's just a boy thing...? Don't worry Big Guy, you will find a girl who understands you, even if she is another Aspie. We are pretty cool you know!