Thursday, June 25, 2009

Another Terrific Thursday

Oops, it happened again.

Another Wednesday slipped by without me "bragging up" my sons.

In my defense, we have been rather busy. Why do I always think summer is going to be less stressful and more laid back than the rest of the year?

Anyway, back to the subject at hand. I do have some wonderful - or in this case - terrific things to report.

First, Little Guy is doing much better at having fewer meltdowns. We are only averaging a handful a day, which is much easier to manage than the all day events we were experiencing before. Let's just hope it stays that way!! Little Guy also made some strides with his social development earlier this week. As I was visiting some relatives I haven't seen in some time, Little Guy interacted with their child for several minutes. This is great progress, especially considering he'd never seen this child before and is often guarded and withdrawn with strangers.

Second, Big Guy finally submitted his entire paperwork for his Eagle Scout application! Just in the nick of time, too; he reaches the age limit this week. We are so proud to see him accomplish this goal. And although he's been unable to reschedule last weekend's postponed date due to work conflicts, Big Guy has another date set up for this Saturday with a different girl. It's great to see him gain more confidence!

Hooray for a wonderful week ;)

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