Saturday, June 13, 2009

Literally Speaking

For those of you acquainted with Asperger's Syndrome, you'll remember that these persons tend to be quite literal.

Big Guy actually is quite good at grasping certain abstract concepts as they relate to literature, but in real life this skill isn't quite as developed.

Here's an excellent example. Earlier this week, I had the minivan. Something unexpected came up, and Big Guy had to transport Little Guy in his car. I had the regular car seat with me, but we have a spare booster car seat to use for emergencies. I told Big Guy over the phone to use this booster for Little Guy.

Everything went fine - or so I thought. Imagine my surprise when I went out to Big Guy's car later that day and found THIS in the backseat:

That's right; Little Guy's booster seat for eating.

This definitely would provide no protection in the case of an accident.

I guess I said the word "booster" without specifying which booster seat to use, just assuming that Big Guy would grab the appropriate one as he was using it in the car.
I just feel lucky that the boys weren't involved in an accident.

And next time, even if I feel the situation is glaringly obvious, I'll make sure to be 100% specific when giving directions to this Aspie son of mine!

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