Monday, May 18, 2009

Finding a Niche

Individuals with a diagnosis falling on the autism spectrum often view life in unique ways:

Sometimes, an unconventional perspective is what it takes to do something truly innovative, something totally new.

Many experts believe that several prominent historical figures displayed qualities consistent with diagnoses on the autism spectrum. This list includes names like Mozart, Edison, Beethoven, Newton, and Jefferson.

And let's not forget people like Temple Grandin, who live in modern times. Dr. Grandin is an expert and innovator in the cattle industry, as well as a major contributor to autism research.

The key to these individuals' successes?

Finding their passion and using their strengths to capitalize on it.

Just as in the "normal" population, the gifts of people on the autism spectrum vary widely in scope and strength. But whatever the degree, they are there and the discovery and nurturing of them are critical in helping these individuals find their niche in life.

And who just might discover another Galileo in the process :)

Big Guy's passion is English. He could read at a 12th grade level by 2nd grade and is an exceptional expository writer. His current ambition is to become a college English professor, a dream he plans to pursue after his upcoming high school graduation.

And what about Little Guy?

Based on what he's been building with his blocks the past few months, I think he could become an architect:

That, or an engineer.

I can't wait to find out!

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The Andra Family said...

Cute building the little guy made.