Thursday, October 13, 2011

Where Do I Begin??


Nearly two years have passed since I last updated.

Where do I begin?!

If I tried documenting everything that's gone on, I'd be stuck in a vicious cycle of playing "catch-up". So for now, a brief synopsis might work best:

*Big Guy has moved out on his own. He lives with 3 other "apartment mates", but has a bedroom/bathroom of his own (a must for him). He decided not to go to college this semester (more on that later), and still works at the same local fast food place. He's finally been promoted to "shift manager".

Sis graduated from high school last May. She had a brilliant swimming career and was offered scholarships from a half dozen colleges across the country. However, she elected not to pursue collegiate swimming and decided instead to take a leadership scholarship at a local school. Sis was anxious to try living on her own and moved out in July. It's been a hard adjustment for Little Guy, as she was like a second mother to him. However, Sis comes once a week for a couple of hours to stay with him - this is one of Little Guy's favorite days of the week :)

Middle Guy is growing up quickly. I can't believe the change that's happened in the last year - he went from looking like an adorable little kid to a handsome young man! He is now my height (5'8") and will probably pass me in a couple of months. He's creative, athletic, and loves to perform. His friendly attitude and zest for life attracts others to him. Middle Guy has developed a greater understanding and patience for his brothers' behavior over the past year, and is a great friend and ally to Little Guy .

And finally...Little Guy:
I can't believe how much he's grown since my last post! Little Guy spent 18 months enrolled in the county preschool, at which point it was determined he was ready to move on to a different educational setting. We elected to enroll him in a Montessori preschool, and I became trained and hired as a Montessori teacher at that school in order to help with his transition process and behavioral issues. So far, it's worked fairly well.

As before, I'm sure the main focus of this blog will center around Little Guy, as most of our focus is spent on redirecting his behaviors - hoping that beginning at such a young age will help minimize them later on. Please stay tuned as I will post again soon!

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