Friday, March 2, 2012

Straight From the Box

See this?

This is one of the few things I know Little Guy will eat.

So, when our family was eating at Arby's this evening, it seemed like a safe choice from the kid's menu.

However, when the food arrived at our table, we had a meltdown on our hands.

You see, the mac and cheese served at Arby's was in a different container, convincing our son that it was NOT the kind he's accumstomed to - even though the menu said "Kraft" macaroni and cheese.  I'm sure some patrons dismissed our child's behavior as "spoiled", but we were able to recognize the episode for what it  was - Little Guy's inability to handle unexpected change.  We were finally able to calm him down, and eventually got him to try a single noodle.  Yet even after tasting it, Little Guy refused to eat the rest of the"strange" macaroni.

I've learned my lesson; I'll put mac and cheese on the "fail safe" list only if it comes straight from the box :)

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